About Us
Charlie Brindley has over 25 years experience in non-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetics working in the Pharmaceutical industry and CROs and has over 30 publications on PK in reputable journals.

KinetAssist was established in March 2006 and is a member of the UK GLP Compliance programme. KinetAssist writes around 20 GLP-compliant toxicokinetic/pharmacokinetic reports each year.

KinetAssist also specializes in deconvolution and Phase I clinical PK support.

Pharmacokinetic analyses are undertaken using WinNonlin (fully validated system). Analysis and reporting is carried out within a fully audited Quality Management System.

CV 2016 - Charlie Brindley
Our Services

In vitro - in vivo scaling
Phase I PK
PK/PD modelling
On-site Training